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Eneritz Furyak - Peru Galbete


Paisaiak ("Landscapes" in Basque language) is a experimental music project of audiovisual pieces that encapsulate natural or man-made landscapes with an emphasis on original sound and musical creations inspired by the filmed environments and their contexts (enviromental, historical, social...). It is also an experiment that aims to highlight those aspects of a landscape that are not visible to the naked eye: the small components that make it distinctive, the sounds and discourses that make it up, and the new musical, auditory or visual creations that can be derived from them. It also has a strong improvisational component, based on concepts or ideas that can materialise in different ways when the project is presented live. This improvisational component is closely linked to the reality that landscapes themselves present to us in real life: made up of specific elements that come to life in different ways depending on the season, the time of day, accidental events, chance or the eye that perceives them. The main tools for this new approach to these scenarios will be the voice of nature itself, the sounds that compose it, and the human voice, albeit distorted or accompanied by the technology that makes us perceive our surroundings in an infinite number of ways. In the end, the aim is to encapsulate a small conversation between the landscape and the human being, who is, after all, just another component of the landscape itself.

Eneritz Furyak

Eneritz Furyak is the artistic name of Eneritz Dueso Domenech (Irun, Spain, 1993). She has developed her artistic career mainly in music, as a composer, producer, performer and sound technician.


Music has taken her to play in the Basque Country and other parts of Spain, and also in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, among others (in 2022 she also participated in the Primavera Sound Barcelona showcases). Emadan (LP, 2021), her latest album, combines folk and electronica in a universe of chiaroscuro where melodies are combined with abstract and poetic lyrics that raise endless questions.


In recent years she has also worked on her more experimental side and has produced, among other projects, the soundtrack for the documentary 'Bi arnas' (2022) and has participated in the International Festival of Trikitixa (diatonic accordion) with a noise proposal. In September 2022 she participated in the artistic residency 'Crossing into the Electric Magnetic' in Aqtushetii (Georgia).

Peru Galbete

Peru Galbete Labiano (Usurbil, 1987) works mostly with voice and images, sometimes separately and other times bringing them together. He is interested in vocal experimentation, improvisation, and performance, creating individual pieces as collectives.  

Peru has released various records as a singer-songwriter, the second of which recorded entirely in the rainforest. He also creates designs, drawings, poetry, and videos for his musical work. Peru is a vocalist for the quartet Hatxe, which is a project with pianist Idoia Hernandez.  

At the Huarte Centre for Contemporary Art, he created the visual-music concert Uraren Oldea and documentary Ura sartu zen Barrura (Punto de Vista 2020).

paisaiak project draft

Some works by Eneritz Furyak

Some works by Peru Galbete

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