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Cookie Politika

Cookie Policy


Cookies are used to make this website work properly on your device.

What are cookies?

They are small data files that are downloaded on your device every time you visit a site. They to get information about your device type, navigation habits, place you are located… and adapt this site to your needs. However, they never save personal information and are not dangerous for your computer or mobile phone.

What kind of cookies does this website use?

  • Technical cookies: allow you navigate the website.

  • Personalization cookies: they adapt the site to your needs.

  • Analysis cookies: they monitorize your navigation habits, your session times, the clicks you make… This information is used to improve the website.

  • Third-party cookies: they are the cookies that are sent from the apps and social networks used in this site. For example, Youtube and Bandcamp cookies.

How can you delete cookies?

Consent to cookies

If you are browsing this website, we understand that you have accepted the cookie policy.

Policy changes

The cookie policy on this page may change to meet new legislation. Changes will be announced in this text, or will be published on the web in a way that is visible to the users.

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