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01 - Zaldi zuria (White horse)
White horse
below this dark light
I have become invisible
to you.

Bones, flesh, skin
my soul failed me
and I decided to shut it off
as a punishment.

I don’t regret it
every time I say it
I plant a new lie
on the ground.

02 - Maskara (Mask)

Up your arms they go
all the impulses
over the floor of this room
which you’ve covered with sand,
if a flower would grow
you’d be the first
undressing velvet leaves.

Fingers healed
your ruses
about to disappear
this stifling human conscience,
after all you are an animal:
body and hunger.

And now without a mask
truly owners of ourselves or
without being owners of nothing
we honor those who brought desire
to the grave.

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