01 - Emadan

Offer me, offer me

in a single pill

now that the odd has taken over my body

Can medicine cure absence?

Plural got sick

it’s not just about me.

And outside of the manufacturing system

sense, sense, what’s with you?



02 - Suhartzea

Do you recognize

the smell of the moment when ideas ignite?

Will we be aware

of the moment when ours will burn out?


Are you already aware of the moment

they will come and why?

Have they not yet realized

that we die sooner if we are left alone?


It may take a while but perhaps

before the fire is extinguished we may get to our place.

Will it be the same?

Will chance be merciful?


Do you already know how ideas grow

and why they are distorted and decompose

when we try to understand each other?


Do you already know how ideas grow and why

they slip from our lips

but we never hold their hands?

It may take a while 

but before the fire is extinguished

let’s get to our place.

Perhaps the same

If chance is merciful.



03 - Beltzaile

Behind that modesty you admire, you

Perhaps a trace of what once you wanted to be?

I caress your forehead with my hand,

I have no more words now.

Don’t you worry, love

in that room where the air is heavy

there is something you have not seen.


You look inside with ungrateful eyes

as you look at the impostor who deserves nothing.

I comb your hair with my hand

I have no more words now.

Don’t you worry, love

in that room between your ribs

there is something you have not seen.



04 - Hondartza bat estolderietan

In this plain where it is spring night

my throat is snow and the moon is our prey.

The tangle of spirits of the dead sing

for us there is neither future nor warmth

no suffocating hunger to corrupts the body

no sterile passion to melt the brain,

with the water that our clavicles collect

it works the mil by crushing the hangovers.


From broken hourglasses,

a beach in the sewers.


The manifest reads: Burn the last piece!

Life is an indecipherable puzzle.

From broken hourglasses,

a beach in the sewers.



05 - Jaio aitzin

Someonenbefore birth

had dreamed with the sky covered by buildings

beyond the windows spending the days watching

only the neighbor’s world

with a halogen tube as a roof.

And in the meantime, smoke from between the lips.

And in the meantime, smoke from the lungs.


Someone before living

has built between the brick walls

a fragile bridge to the outside

superb in our image and likeness

that while it is full of contradictions

it’s coming, it’s complete

that in each test advances a fourth of a step

closer, closer.


Come closer,

I don’t want gods,

nor here, not now,

I don’t believe in destiny.

Art was just a cruel lie

and I want to blame it for everything.

But before anyone dies

I can’t get it right

who I should point out as the killer.



06 - Historia

You’ve assaulted that which was protected with a shield

in the essence of each question

with a luminous gust, peace was undone.


The story, just a moment

some effective drug

challenging counterfactual

something that never happened.


Useless faith.

each answer two questions:

the one you don’t remember

and the one you don’t want to know.


We met one winter

there was no piano in that place

strange loneliness

on a table

shady roofs

between short sentences.



07 - Sinkropredazioa

You are my excuse

to follow the brightness of the school of fish

to submit to the movements that fly

You are my excuse.


This summer night I’m not allowed, I’m not allowed

sleeping without getting lost in the fever

if only I had a cold heart

I would sleep soundly for centuries, without being able to wake up.


The blood moves through my veins rhythmically 

the clouds may darken, but it does not rain

I have called them and we have reunited all the weak…

Synchropredation, synchropredation. 



08 - Sua

From the slippery horizon you inspect the nearby universe closely

looking for something else

as if it were the coins you find in phone booths

you always want something, even though

you are looking for a sparkle

surrounded by light

how can you see clearly fearing  the dark?


And you daydream of travelling over the shooting stars

as you go down the road

and being able to concentrate as much 

in that lie, in that lie

the seat belt is useless

at that speed.

You’ll go out just like the fire

but you are fire, after a long time.


09 - Ihia

The reed dreams that I want to sleep

on its deathbed not to discover

how its stems fall.


You never warn me when I try to escape

following my steps to find the place

that sounds like a deafening silence.


Night falls on this gray river

diluting darkness.

I feel good, don’t worry anymore

I just want to feel unreality.



10 - Panoptikoa

Cell without number

of this panoptic prison.

For someone to watch

everything you ever dreamed of.


Calls without number

and the voice had told you nothing.

Return to the protection of the cell

open every week, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Unlocked cell

walls that will protect you

of everything on the outside.

They talk about catastrophe from the loudspeakers,

who will want to leave this shelter?


The days go and the days come

you are alone and I am alone

they are alone and no one is looking at them

but what if your eyes give us away?


The days go and the days come

you are alone and I am alone

they are alone and no one is looking at them

but what if I’m not able to not give you away?


The days go and the days come

you are alone and I am alone

we are alone and if no one is looking

will it be too late to escape?