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Eneritz is the voice of a new generation of Basque singers songwriters, merging tradition with new electronic sounds. This 2021, seems to be the year where her hard work bears fruit. She started playing in a punk band when she was fourteen and after many years in bands, she found herself very comfortable with solo concerts and compositions. Since 2017, Eneritz has released three albums developing her concept of post-folk singing in Basque language (Spotify). Despite the language, she has toured not only in Spain but also in places like France, Italy or Switzerland.


Why 2021 is a fruitful year? Because after 4 years of solo career, Eneritz has performed a U turn stylistic change that, although it might sound very different, it also sounds very natural and coherent. Emadan, her last álbum, was released last February and their singles were premiered in the most important Basque media; Eitb Kultura and Gaztea Radio Station, as well as in one of the most important Spanish music magazines; Mondosonoro or radio stations like, Radio 3.


In her last album, Eneritz Furyak shows a clear stylistic change, more open to new electronic textures that can draw her music near to influences from industrial electronics, R&R, slowcore or post-folk. Emadan can sometimes sound like FKA Twings, James Blake, CocoRosie or Serpentwithfeet, but her voice, the acoustic guitar and Basque traditional folklore equips ll songs with a particular touch. Eneritz composes, produces and releases her own records. Talented, creative and decisive, 100% DIY.

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