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Eneritz Furyak combines folk and acoustic sound with electronic music in Emadan, her latest full-length album: it is a universe of chiaroscuros where melodies merge with abstract and poetic lyrics written in Basque language, proposing an endless list of questions to the listener. Emadan has been brought to the stage in a way where the artist herself is in charge of all the elements: guitar, voice and a synthesiser played with pedals, as well as visuals created by Furyak herself.

In recent years Eneritz has also worked on her more experimental side and in 2022 she has produced the soundtrack for the documentary 'Bi arnas' and has participated in the International Trikitixa Festival (traditional Basque diatonic accordion) with a proposal of noise. Last year she also took part in an experimental electronic music workshop at the AqTushetii artist residency (Georgia). Nowadays, in addition to working on several other projects in this line, she is working on her next album.

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